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03 June 2007 @ 03:36 pm
Toronto FC vs. Colorado Rapids matchday round up  
As far as the match goes it was pretty good, and we squeezed a 2-1 victory out of Colorado who frankly are a better team. The atmosphere in the stadium was amazing again and we were able to suck the ball into the Rapids' net and help keep it out of ours, even though a number of our starters were away on international duty. The only shameful thing that happened is that Kevin Goldthwaite was red-carded for "abusive or offensive language", which could just be dropping the f-bomb, but likely was something far nastier (like a racist insult, though I doubt we'll ever know for sure).

Anyway, here's the highlight reel.

Toronto FC Goals. Joga Bonito (play beautiful)

Not only do we jam to Portuguese dance songs, we have a chant in French! (and like to throw streamers and heckle opposing teams corner kicks). At the end of the video you can see my section 111 throwing the "TFC Massive"(AKA "The French chant") over the Gate 3 gap. You can see me about the middle of the screen with my black "Toronto" ball-cap on and khaki shorts (and my red Toronto FC jersey of course).

It's pretty good, but still not as awesome as the original from Lens in France.

Before the match I collected some money from U-sector guys for the road trip to Chicago that I'm helping organize at the pub pre-match, and got a 50/50 90 minute pool going for Toronto's first goal of the match (which nobody won, so will all go towards the trip). Unfortunately, the pub decided to be really strict on letting people in post-match, which was the last straw for a lot of us after they kicked everyone with a Toronto FC jersey out a couple weeks ago after one idiot (not a u-sector member) threw a pint glass into the street. Fuck the Wheatsheaf seems to be the prevailing sentiment (there's also a couple photos in that link of me stuck outside the pub looking bored). I ended up going to some friends' apartment after the match got an 8 pack of Creemore, hung out on the front lawn drinking, got a huge roti from Pam's, and then somehow ended up falling asleep in front of the Stanley Cup final (fortunately I woke up and was able to leave the house sometime around 1am).

Can't wait for the match against the New York Red Bulls (worst corporate named team in the MLS). on Wednesday.